Tuesday, October 27, 2009

West Village Style

Ok. Fall is definitely in full swing now and I am feeling super old school sexy, total city boy kinda’ style.  I want to look like a man, not a youngin’ and want to feel confident in my skin. Menswear needs a shot of testosterone and although I know “the kids” are feeling trans / butch / femme / scarf / skinny jeans / manbag / boho, I am seeing the best looks of the season on seasoned West Village dudes in their 30’s and 40’s.

Speaking of the West Village, I went to an amazing party last week that was hosted by John Cameron Mitchell and Justin Bond and DJ Deboy, who was one of the stars of Mitchell’s film Shortbus. The party is entitled “Mattachine”, named after the original gay movement organization and is held in the oldest gay bar in NYC, Julius, every so often . I danced my ass off in a tweed blazer, bow tie, and jeans and saw the West Village Style in full force. All the guys were definitely more dressed up but working a collective collage of genres and facial hair. They were bearded, buzzed cut, and could cut a rug to late 70’s prom-rock. It reminded me of my early days in the city and is a wonderful hybrid style of old and new, rugged and dandy, cocky and a bit kooky. To me, this is my ideal look, my ideal man and my ideal customer. It’s who I design for.

So being a lover of lists, of looks, and wanting to think and write more about West Village Style, I am starting to organize my favorite top ten things each month in the form of a blog (yikes, me too??!!) and keep reporting on my hood and what’s doing down here…
Love, JB

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