Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thrilled to be a part of the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Design Winners!!



The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Lexus once again challenged emerging designers to develop proposals for a sustainable clothing or accessory line with the environment in mind. At an event at MILK Studios last night in New York, attended by many well-known designers and fashion insiders interested in supporting emerging and eco-friendly designers, the winners of the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge were revealed. The three winners of this year’s challenge are: Marcia Patmos from New York, NY; John Bartlett from New York, NY; and Johnson Hartig of Libertine from Los Angeles, Calif.
All submitted proposals for a clothing or accessory line that demonstrated a commitment to ecologically responsible design. The contest required that a minimum of 25 percent of the collection be produced in an environmentally-friendly manner. Many of the proposals included components such as recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, minimal packaging and non-chemically treated fabrics.
“Lexus partnered with the CFDA to create the Eco-Fashion Challenge as a platform to encourage and support sustainable lifestyles,” stated Brian Smith, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “It’s an opportunity to celebrate designers that share Lexus’ commitment to providing sustainable products without sacrificing style or luxury. We’re looking forward to February’s Fashion Week to see the winners’ work on the runway.”
“There is a movement within the fashion industry to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing lines and accessories,” said Steven Kolb, CFDA CEO. “This competition allows us to highlight designers and their creative approaches to sustainability and in some ways become thought-leaders in the industry.”
The winners will each receive $25,000 to bring their collection to life and produce a fashion show during the February 2012 Fashion Week in New York. The proposals were selected by a panel of judges from the CFDA, Loomstate, Marie Claire and Parsons School of Design and were based on design credibility, business acumen and eco-commitment, with attention focused on eco-fabrics, materials, processes and packaging.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The final episode of Six Feet Under

 Last night john and re-watched the final episode of Six Feet Under...Wow, i wasnt prepared for the outpouring of emotion i experienced from watching this...I remember being moved but i was totally blown away this time around.
Such an incredible ending to a groundbreaking series.

if you get a chance try to see it..we are only here for a short time on this planet.  
                                                   how do you want to be remembered?

Lights, Camera, Compassion: A Special Fundraiser for MFA's New Vegetarian Television Commercials

Lights, Camera, Compassion: A Special Fundraiser for MFA's New Vegetarian Television Commercials

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bank Street studio thinking about fall....

First glance and fun day working on Fall 2012(already..and i am probably late!)
One of my favorite things about working in fashion is the beginning of a season where there are no limits and you get to start all over again. It is a blessing and a curse as it is also being able to think about what you are going to want to see and wear a year from now..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank You Keanan Duffty!!!!


5 Minutes With John Bartlett

Apart from being a genuinely lovely guy, John Bartlett is an extremely talented designer and dedicated supporter of the North Shore Animal League. Bartlett launched his label in 1992 and his success earned him two CFDA awards and a Perry Ellis Men's Wear award. He then expanded into womenswear in 1997 using luxurious Italian fabrics echoing other American designers like Halston and Bill Blass with the use of clinging jersey dresses and sharp tailored jackets. In 2000, Bartlett dropped out of the fashion business for a short time, making a comeback in 2003 with a small collection of menswear, which he showed at the Harvard Club. Bartlett opened his first store in New York's West Village in 2007 and in 2008 he was appointed Liz Claiborne's Creative Director for their men's sportswear line. Bartlett continues to grow his signature menswear line and recently entered the e-commerce arena.

Q1. What was the first record that you bought and how did it change your life?

The first album I bought as a youth was BAD COMPANY and I think it was around 1973...I played it over and over again on my plastic record player in the basement. This was the first rock album I had and some of the songs are still on my favorite playlist on my iPod. This music changed my life in that I quickly started to listen to Led, Tull, and Fleetwood Mac. I thought I was totally groovy in my flared cords and David Cassidy haircut.

Q2. You are a big supporter of the North Shore Animal League. How did you get involved?

When I turned 40 I visited the North Shore Animal League looking for a rescue and I met my sweet boy Tiny Tim, who was a tripod. He had lost his leg in a car accident and rescued from another shelter where euthanasia is common and brought to North Shore. His leg was amputated on Xmas Eve and therefore he earned the name Tiny Tim after the Dicken's character. when I opened my store Tim became my unofficial logo and now I have launched a complete online collection with his image to help raise money for rescue dogs everywhere. Please check it out at www.johnbartlettny.com. I have done several adoption events at my store with North Shore and I am now starting a Tiny Tim rescue fund to help raise money for independent rescue groups who are pulling from the high risk municipal shelters.
Q3. You recently announced that you've become vegan and will no longer use leather in your collections. Would you agree that it is relatively easy for all designers to find credible, aesthetically pleasing alternatives to leather and fur and more of us should follow in the footsteps of designers like yourself and Stella McCartney?

I feel that the fashion community is caught up in the illusion of "luxury" and many designers feel the need to use fur and leather to speak to a more expensive customer. If you look at Stella's work, the quality is incredible and she is able to create high fashion without contributing to the suffering of animals. I chose to become vegan after the incredibly upsetting return of fur on many runways. I could not understand the disconnect and why people who say they love animals work in fur especially. I started to speak out against the fur industry and wanted to be very clear about my stance, so I discontinued using leather. I am not completely convinced about fake fur as it promotes the look of fur and may send the wrong message. I do think that faux leather shoes and belts are important especially for professional men and women who may not be able to wear canvas gym shoes to work. My feeling is that it is time for the fashion community to recognize their responsibility on a global level. Fur and leather manufacturing is very damaging to the environment and I applaud anyone in fashion who is seeking alternatives that better serve the animals, the earth and our industry's progress.

Q4. Online media and e-commerce have changed the way we receive information and shop. What in your opinion are the pros and cons of the online world?

I just launched my own online store as I mentioned above and I am blown away at the ease with which I can maintain it. I do feel that many people are drawn to the web and prefer shopping from home. I am excited by the future of online shopping as well as the future of social media and its effect on internet shopping and communication.

Q5. You often say that at Harvard you studied night clubbing whilst at Harvard. Can you share a fun 80's nightclubbing story?

Gosh, I don't have any particular story per se...while most of my fellow students were studying I gathered a great deal of my education from being out in the nightclub world. As a sociology major I realize now that the combination of my sociology background and being out in boston at the clubs was a great preparation for a career in fashion. One of my favorite clubs was called SPIT and on tuesday night it was a very cool mixed crowd new wave night. I liked to wear a mailbag as a skirt and lots of brooches and salvation army clothes...such a blast.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Jenny and Isis, the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund's first unofficial donation!

look at these gorgeous girls. apparently they became best mates and cage mates in a shelter in l.a. my friend zizi asked if anyone could help donate to getting them out before they didnt have anymore time. and although the tiny tim rescue fund is not up and running officially(still waiting for our non-profit status) i forwarded some money to help get these sweet angels out.

                      video of jenny and isis

Jennifer Rosen Bullies and Buddies Rescue Dedicated to rescuing,rehabilitating, and re-homing Bullies and their other Buddy Breeds Help me save a life by sharing with Facebook friends. bulliesandbuddies@gmail 310.462.8480

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you so much ourhenhouse.org

Fashion Designer Devotes His Life to Animal Causes

Posted on 11. Jul, 2011 by  in Grazing in the GrassrootsMedia MavensMoney SquawksOink, Moo, WoofVideo
Fashion designer extraordinaire John Bartlett, who was recently on our podcast discussing his newfound veganism, has now launched a new line of clothing that benefits independent rescue groups that are pulling animals from kill shelters throughout the country. The Tiny Tim Collection was named after John’s rescue dog who, sadly, passed away last fall from lymphoma.
After being involved in a car accident that caused him to tragically lose his leg on Christmas Eve 2002, the precious dog who would become known as Tiny Tim (after the inspiring Charles Dickens character) found his way to the North Shore Animal League, and eventually to John’s home and heart. As these little creatures frequently do, Tiny Tim inched his way into John’s world in capacities that John never thought possible, and now, Tiny Tim’s legacy lives on.
John founded The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund so that much-needed money and awareness can be raised about shelter dogs in life-threatening situations who are relying on our help. According to the website, “The money raised by the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund goes to providing these dogs with medical attention, foster parents and, eventually, a loving forever home — a place all pets deserve.”
The clothes that are part of the chic Tiny Tim collection feature the dog’s silhouette, and, in addition to supporting this vitally important cause (since a percentage of the sales from the collection are funneled into the Fund), also allow stylish wearers the added benefit of displaying their advocacy for all to see. I have no doubt that the striking design will spur conversations that will lead to opportunities to enlighten others to the plight of dogs in dire situations and the heroic work of those fighting to rescue them.
Let me just add that John Bartlett is one of my favorite activists ever. His love for Tiny Tim opened his eyes to issues affecting all animals — from shelter dogs, to animals exploited by the fur industry, to farmed animals. As he explained when we interviewed him, John intends to use his platform as a designer to change the world for animals, whether that means publicly boycotting fur and encouraging other designers to follow suit, to proclaiming in mainstream media that he “wants to be a 100% vegan designer,” to using his clothing line (and one might say life line) to speak up for dogs in shelters. John Barlett is as true blue as they come.
Check out John’s heartwarming video below for more about the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank You Julia Szabo and Dogster.com

Living With Dogs

Fashion Designer Unleashes Stylish Rescue Fund for Dogs

It’s no secret that this column is a big fan offashion designer John Bartlett for many reasons, chiefly his advocacy on behalf of shelter dogs in New York City and all over the country. (He’s also sexy and brilliant and kind and funny and – dang it – gay!)
John recently unveiled his newly revamped web site, and on it is a link to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund. Since few express passion for animal rescue as eloquently as John Bartlett, I’ll just let his words do the talking here:
“When Tiny Tim entered my life he brought so much appreciation and love with him and taught me a great deal for the eight years that we shared together,” John says. “When he passed away, I wanted to honor him by creating the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which will raise money to help those animals who do not have a home and need to be rescued from high risk city shelters.”
Tiny Tim’s sweet spirit lives on in the stylin’ T shirts and hoodies – for men, women, and kids – that bear his handsome tripod likeness. Ten percent of profits from sales of these glam garments are donated to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which also gratefully accepts donations of money.
As John recalls, “Tiny Tim, my beloved rescue dog and best friend, was named after the inspiring Charles Dickens character [in A Christmas Carol] after he lost his leg on Christmas Eve in the winter of 2002. Tim had been hit by a car and was pulled from a high-risk shelter. He was then brought toNorth Shore Animal League America, where his leg was amputated and where he was subsequently rehabilitated.
“Four months later, on my 40th birthday, I went to visit the NSAL to look for a rescue dog. Initially, I went looking for a smaller dog that could travel with me. When I went to the shelter, I saw Tim sitting calmly in his cage while the adjacent dogs were barking trying to get my attention When I first laid eyes on him, it was love at first hairy sight. Tiny Tim and I went on to spend 8 glorious years together. He quickly became my muse and eventually the official logo of my company. His three-legged silhouette has become synonymous with dog rescue and animal welfare.
“Sadly, after eight amazing years together, Tiny Tim was diagnosed with lymphoma in the fall of 2010. Three months later, he was put to rest with his family surrounding him. The day that Tim passed was a bleak and rainy day. Shortly after his passing that afternoon, the skies cleared and a rare, beautiful rainbow appeared over New York City. I know that Tim is up in doggie heaven looking over me and looking out for rescue dogs everywhere.
“Throughout his time on Earth, Tim left an indelible mark on his loving human and canine families, as well as anyone he came in contact with. Tim meant a lot of different things to different people. To me, he meant complete, unconditional love. Hearing the thump of his tail near me when I least expected it always reminded me of this fact. To the humans who knew him, he was a handsome, playful, gentle soul. To his canine siblings and fellow dog park attendees, he was the boss and definitely the alpha but was always a compassionate leader. To the animal rescue world, he has come to symbolize the importance and necessity of continuing the important work of rescue workers worldwide. To preserve and honor his legacy, I have decided to create the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund.
“The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is dedicated to raising and distributing funds to independent rescue groups who are pulling directly from the high-risk shelters and saving the lives of countless dogs. The money raised by the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund goes to providing these dogs with medical attention, foster parents and, eventually, a loving forever home – a place all pets deserve.
The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund is kindly sponsored on a corporate level by the Bon-Ton Stores where I design two menswear lines: ‘John Bartlett Consensus and ‘John Bartlett Statements.’ Together with the Bon-Ton Stores, I am also launching a line for pets entitled ‘John Bartlett Pet.’
“Each year, Bon-Ton has agreed to donate $25,000 to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund in a declaration of their support for shelter pets everywhere and the ultimate goal of finding them all loving homes and families. Additionally, 10% of all profits from your purchases on this website will be donated to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund.
“When you wear your Tiny Tim clothing, you are saying to your community and to the world at large, quite simply and quite powerfully, that animals, just like humans, have inalienable rights: rights that allow them to life, to happiness and to unconditional love. Together, we can and we will make a difference.
“I cannot tell you how much your support to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund means to me and to all of the pets that will inevitably benefit from the monies generated by your kind generosity,” John concludes.
Please, Dogsters, help spread the word about this beautiful project – and remember that Tiny Tim Ts make wonderful gifts for any occasion! Get ’em for everyone on your list!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Saturday June 25...

2011 June 24

Add Four Chic Legs To Your Life

This cuteness could be your life.This cuteness could be your life.
Photo Via John Bartlett
View Gallery
If you are sticking around the Big Apple this weekend, we have something for you to do besides ride on a rainbow float. John Bartlett is hosting his annual summer adoption event with the North Shore Animal League at his store at 143 7th Avenue South at Charles Street on Saturday from 12-5pm. Bartlett found his very own beloved Tiny Tim and Millie through NSAL, and is a devoted friend and champion to his furry friends. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

thank you paper and string!

John Bartlett's West Village
John Bartlett
Menswear designer John Bartlett lives and works within three-square blocks of the West Village. Below, he shares his favorite spots so that you, too, will never have to stray too far from home. 

8am: 'Snice

8am: 'SniceEvery morning, I grab an iced coffee with almond milk (don’t snarl, it’s good!) and a bagel with tofu cream cheese (see above if you’re still snarling). Hey, vegans are people too!


45 8th Ave. (nr. Horatio St.)
(212) 645-0310 ‎
No Website

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11am: Geno's Barberia

11am: Geno's Barberia I get my hair buzzed every two weeks and I like Geno’s because it is woody and cozy like a trattoria and the smell of old school barbers hangs in the air. It’s $30 and sometimes I do a shave, which is the best (public) male relaxation ritual I know.

Geno's Barberia

48 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.)
(212) 929-9029
No Website

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1pm: Village Natural

1pm: Village NaturalEvery day for lunch, I grab a black bean burger with avocado (hold the tempeh bacon!) and wash it down with their organic root beer. It’s all plant-based and it’s all really good. I repeat, really good.

Village Natural

46 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.) (212) 727-0968 ‎

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3pm: Partners & Crime

3pm: Partners & CrimeI love my Nook but I still buy books and when I do there’s no better store than this one. I head directly to the Scandinavian Mystery section -- I can’t get enough of those dark, scary stories set in those dark, scary northern climes. I blame Stieg Larsson for setting me on this road to crime.

Partners & Crime

44 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.) (212) 243-0440

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6pm: Jivamukti Yoga

 6pm: Jivamukti YogaThe cafĂ© makes a mean $10 green juice and the gift shop has the only groovy yoga clothes in NY. Guaranteed you won’t see these anywhere else. Oh yeah, the yoga: I take open class with Narayani aka Nicole. She plays everything from Led Zeppelin to Krisna Das.


Jivamukti Yoga

841 Broadway (btwn. 13th & 14th Sts.)
(212) 353-0214

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7:30pm: John Esty Framing

7:30pm: John Esty FramingOn the way home, I pick up my partner, John Esty, from his framing shop on Greenwich Ave. John has a great eye and his store was the thing that first (ok, second) thing that attracted me to him. It’s got the artisan flavor of someone who works with his hands, yet has the aesthetic sensitivity that allows him to deal with art. By the way, he gets those great looking aprons at Canvas, across the street from his shop.

John Esty Framing

44 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.)
(212) 691-3753
No Website

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Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self PromotionLast but not least, this is one of my favorite looks from my Spring/Summer '11 collection. Bright white pants are a summer staple and the dog print camouflage top (Look closely. It's inspired by my mutt muse, Tiny Tim) adds just enough edge.


John Bartlett

143 7th Ave. So. (@ Charles St.)
(212) 633-6867

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