Thursday, May 26, 2011

thank you paper and string!

John Bartlett's West Village
John Bartlett
Menswear designer John Bartlett lives and works within three-square blocks of the West Village. Below, he shares his favorite spots so that you, too, will never have to stray too far from home. 

8am: 'Snice

8am: 'SniceEvery morning, I grab an iced coffee with almond milk (don’t snarl, it’s good!) and a bagel with tofu cream cheese (see above if you’re still snarling). Hey, vegans are people too!


45 8th Ave. (nr. Horatio St.)
(212) 645-0310 ‎
No Website

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11am: Geno's Barberia

11am: Geno's Barberia I get my hair buzzed every two weeks and I like Geno’s because it is woody and cozy like a trattoria and the smell of old school barbers hangs in the air. It’s $30 and sometimes I do a shave, which is the best (public) male relaxation ritual I know.

Geno's Barberia

48 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.)
(212) 929-9029
No Website

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1pm: Village Natural

1pm: Village NaturalEvery day for lunch, I grab a black bean burger with avocado (hold the tempeh bacon!) and wash it down with their organic root beer. It’s all plant-based and it’s all really good. I repeat, really good.

Village Natural

46 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.) (212) 727-0968 ‎

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3pm: Partners & Crime

3pm: Partners & CrimeI love my Nook but I still buy books and when I do there’s no better store than this one. I head directly to the Scandinavian Mystery section -- I can’t get enough of those dark, scary stories set in those dark, scary northern climes. I blame Stieg Larsson for setting me on this road to crime.

Partners & Crime

44 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.) (212) 243-0440

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6pm: Jivamukti Yoga

 6pm: Jivamukti YogaThe cafĂ© makes a mean $10 green juice and the gift shop has the only groovy yoga clothes in NY. Guaranteed you won’t see these anywhere else. Oh yeah, the yoga: I take open class with Narayani aka Nicole. She plays everything from Led Zeppelin to Krisna Das.


Jivamukti Yoga

841 Broadway (btwn. 13th & 14th Sts.)
(212) 353-0214

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7:30pm: John Esty Framing

7:30pm: John Esty FramingOn the way home, I pick up my partner, John Esty, from his framing shop on Greenwich Ave. John has a great eye and his store was the thing that first (ok, second) thing that attracted me to him. It’s got the artisan flavor of someone who works with his hands, yet has the aesthetic sensitivity that allows him to deal with art. By the way, he gets those great looking aprons at Canvas, across the street from his shop.

John Esty Framing

44 Greenwich Ave. (btwn. Perry & Charles Sts.)
(212) 691-3753
No Website

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Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless Self PromotionLast but not least, this is one of my favorite looks from my Spring/Summer '11 collection. Bright white pants are a summer staple and the dog print camouflage top (Look closely. It's inspired by my mutt muse, Tiny Tim) adds just enough edge.


John Bartlett

143 7th Ave. So. (@ Charles St.)
(212) 633-6867

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