Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Heirloom


Our favorite people and the object of their affection

By The Fine of Art Family Editors
Photography by Monica Rich Kosann

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Spring 2010 Images

Here are some more...Enjoy!

From Left to Right:
Image 1:
Orange/White Plaid Uniform Shirt -  $185
Orange Swim "Soccer" Short - $110

Image 2:
Marine Blue Brazilian Cut Swim - $95

From Left to Right:
Image 3: 
Light Blue Tattersall Button Down Shirt - $185
Light Blue Tattersall Skinny Tie - $65
Blue Cotton/Linen Vest - $245
Blue Cotton/Linen Pant - $245

Image 4:
Light Heather Sweat-Sweater - $69.50
Light Gray Swim "Soccer" Short - $110

Image 5: 
Cotton Waxed Mackintosh Motocycle Jacket - $575
(Made in Scotland)

Spring 2010 Photoshoot

Here are just some images from our recent Spring 2010 photoshoot.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Husbands of NYC Wear John Bartlett

Take a look at last week's episode where Mario and Simon are both wearing John Bartlett.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paradise Refound

Hey Everyone!

Well, John and I are back from paradise! We went to Parrot Cay, an island off of Turks and Caicos, and stayed at the transformative Como resort. It was incredible and now that I am back I wanted to share some of my trip with you (if you don’t mind)…

My hubbie John Esty (the world’s greatest picture framer and spinning teacher -hot!!) just celebrated his birthday and I wanted to take him somewhere special for his big day. After escaping NYC, minutes before a huge snowstorm enclosed the city and closed its airports, we landed in Providenciales and were taken to a dock where a small boat picked us up and whisked us to the private island Parrot Cay (chic!). The resort is run and staffed almost exclusively by people from Bali and Thailand and the Asian touch was everywhere. The service, the treatments, the calmness provided a transformative background for healing and rejuvenation.

We were lucky enough to have our own beach house right on the water and had a total honeymoon experience (wink, wink).

A lot of people would get really bored there. Not much to do, which is, of course, exactly the point. I read a few books. Loved, loved, loved “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and Edmund White’s “The Beautiful Room Is Empty.”

I jump started my yoga practice after a few years off and indulged in the ayurvedic treatment “shirodhara” wherein you have warm oil poured on your head and scalp. I think I had an out of body experience. My third eye opened and winked at the woman giving me the treatment!

While there, a friend who is a Yoruba priest recommended that I make an offering to Yemaya, the goddess of the sea. He instructed me to carry a whole watermelon into the ocean and surrender it to the water and to dip my body in the water seven times facing the land. Of course my hubbie John thought I was cuckoo but I love all that stuff and totally got into it. I believe in the power of nature and am kinda a pantheist at heart. Nature is god and we are nature.

Oh, and I saw Keith Richards there at the bar one night in a turban and long robe. Someone said it sounded like Pirates of the Caribbean, which made total visual sense. I followed suit by sporting one of my favorite spring items, which I call my “Egyptian Wedding Dress.” No undergarments necessary!

Other than that, it was totally chill and we met some very cool laid back couples, also from NYC. Lots of cool husband and wife yogis, Dharma dudes and Ganesh gals, complete with Krishna tattoos and banker positions in the city. Love that combo.

If you are ever looking for a getaway that is, as Donna Karan once described it, “Three Hour Bali” (you are door to door in under four hours!), I recommend this resort highly. Now back, I am immersing myself in yoga at Jivamukti and am feeling like a new man. Let’s see what my offering to Yemaya brings me. Keep you “post-it”.

Love jb