Friday, March 19, 2010

More Spring 2010 Images

Here are some more...Enjoy!

From Left to Right:
Image 1:
Orange/White Plaid Uniform Shirt -  $185
Orange Swim "Soccer" Short - $110

Image 2:
Marine Blue Brazilian Cut Swim - $95

From Left to Right:
Image 3: 
Light Blue Tattersall Button Down Shirt - $185
Light Blue Tattersall Skinny Tie - $65
Blue Cotton/Linen Vest - $245
Blue Cotton/Linen Pant - $245

Image 4:
Light Heather Sweat-Sweater - $69.50
Light Gray Swim "Soccer" Short - $110

Image 5: 
Cotton Waxed Mackintosh Motocycle Jacket - $575
(Made in Scotland)


  1. WOW.

    The purple Mackintosh is sublime JB - the cut, amazing. The colour, amazing.

    I can't wait for the store to be up and running again. I think my wardrobe-savings are going to dissapear pretty quickly :3

    And the model is very pretty too ;D


  2. Hey John, I'm glad i finally had a chance to meet you at your store a few weeks ago...and your charming dog too. I did a painting of him, check it out on my website if you like

    His name is Tim right? Just checking...and I love seeing your work here! The purple MC jacket is awesome!