Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Nesting

One of my favorite things about the holidaze is when they are over!!!  I find January a great time for renewal and for major nesting.  My hubbie John Esty took the opportunity to rethink one of our mantles and I love how this reflects the winter mood (at least in my imagination).  Featured are three of my favorite artists and design duos. The surreal porcelain owl is from the incredible artist Jon Rappleye, the plates from the decoupage master John Derian and the wonderful Moorish hand made mirror is from the newly formed design team Carter and Cunningham.  Oh, and the porcelain twig candle sticks are from the one and only Ted Meuhling, one of my design heroes (he has the most incredible wedding bands ever!)  To me, this says winter and is a fresh visual shift from the overwrought holiday decor. 

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