Thursday, April 8, 2010

John Bartlett Denim Suit Featured in NY Times

Check out this suit story from the NY Times.
John Bartlett denim suit featured in far right for $1040.


  1. OOOH! What a great design John!

    Is the shirt yours as well? In any casy, the pale orange really works with the steely blue of the suit.

    I purchased a Jacket you designed for the Claiborne by John Bartlett range off ebay a little while ago and it has finally arrived and I am absolutely in love with it! It's got pride of place in my lates Blog post ;D


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  3. I guess the heart does not come out, aarrrgghhh :-)

  4. Wow, that denim suit is looking SLEEEEEEK. Love it. I wish I could find a denim dress to match.