Friday, October 15, 2010

CORDUROY-Fabric of the kings(and queens!)

the perfect black cord military weekend jacket
My new fave-The Miss Jean Brodie skirt

burgundy cord vest!
burg cord vest and jean.(and vegan wingtips!)

I love corduroy. All the cool seniors in high school wore them with their wallabees and mutton chops. over the years i have collected vintage levi's cords and am always on the hunt for the perfect pair. Corduroy is the perfect fall fabric. it is warm but not itchy and comes in great colors that mirror back the gorgeous palette of the falling leaves. For Fall 2010, I made up a bunch of corduroy, from the classic JB military jacket, to low cut slim jeans for men and women to a very super dressy shawl collar vest. My recent fav is the Miss Jean Brodie skirt in black cord. Perfectly a-line and below the knee, a length that feels right again.


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up and designing vegan clothes! I love designer clothes and I often find myself conflicted because I find pieces that look amazing on me, but oftentimes they're not vegan. What a beautiful thing you are doing for the industry, and for the Earth. I hope other designers are able to feed off of your energy and do the same things! ...You can tell them all that you know a woman who's willing to pay Chanel prices for high-fashion vegan designs! :) Keep following your heart and standing up for the right things.

    ...and Tiny Tim looks like trouble! sweet! :)


  2. Corduroy is so underated as a fabric. It is warm, soft and hangs beautifully. A so hard wearing fabric. It can be made into any item of clothing. I myself a devotee of the "cloth of kings".I have many items of corduroy from skirts to suits to coats and even shoes.