Saturday, October 2, 2010

Falling For Fall

It finally is starting to feel like fall here in nyc...And since it is October now, we are selling tons of orange, my favorite color! Also we have introduced a small women's collection which we call our "sister fit". it is shrunken down for my girls but still has that great menswear feel and quality that so many women have been asking for. One of the best sellers thus far this season has been our super washed fleece hoodie with a tiny tim embroidery on the chest. love the one in orange, which we are featuring with forest green knickers.
For tailoring, i worked with an incredible maxi plaid that reminds me of my favorite seventies dudes. For my girls, we are doing shrunken merino v-necks, corduroy jeans, and a matching button shirt and bowtie.

And of course we continue to offer new versions of our tiny tim tee shirt, which we have for boys and girls.

Have a wonderful fall everyone! i am in the stores now on Fridays and have been trying to spend the weekends designing, spending time with our dogs and hanging with the hubbie! Life is short. Big love, JB


  1. i am living for that long sleeve Tiny Tim Tee!!! xoxo

  2. Nice shirt. I love the way there is no thick elastic at the cuffs.